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How does Speed Food work ?

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Step 2

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What restaurant get?

No Commission

Yes, that's right! Speed Food commissions are only 0- 8%. No Commission Deal: Promote 10% discount coupon on your Speed Food listing and if customer avails the offer we dont charge you any commission.

No deposit, No hassle

No Set up frees, hidden fees and no nonsense with more exposure for your restaurant online!

Accept Online Orders

Receive free order notification via email, sms, push notification, order receiving app and website. App/website collects every order, send instant notification to your customers and provide an option to download order receipt.

Partner Backend

Restaurant is provided with Partner Backend access where restaurant will be able to manage orders, sales, invoices, restaurant info, discounts, opening hours, delivery fees using app/website etc.

Restaurant Supplies

We offer an exclusive deals on MERCHANDISE for our SPEEDFOOD PARTNERS. Products include: Food delivery bags, pizza boxes, Greaseproof Sheets, Burger wraps etc.

Free Marketing

We ensure that your website appears at the top of search results, to make that happen we provide free marketing on social media platforms, search engine optimisation & follow our own alogorithm to get you more orders.

Speed Food Partner App

A free app that allows you to manage your Speed Food online order directly from your smartphone.

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Download Speed Food Partner for Business app     


Speed Food is a online food delivery platform. We promote your menu through the Speed Food app, website and various other channels. We make it easy for you to promote your restaurant online for free.

A customer places online order. Order details are sent to restaurant via sms, email & app. (restaurants either accept or reject the order.) The customer tracks the order progress through the Speed Food website/app. You fulfil the order and hand it off to your driver. The driver delivers your order to the customer.

Please head to and fill out our registration form. One of our team members will soon get in touch with you to start the process toward greater visibility for customers in your local area, an increase in orders and greater efficiency!

Speed Food will create a clear personalised menu profile on our platform with a checkout function for your customers to order and pay for your food. We will also provide you with a convenient and free Smart Terminal printer on your request which will collect your orders as they come in real time.

As an Australian based and owned company, Speed Food understands the local market and can help restaurants to stand independently whilst increasing their orders, sales, exposure to new customers and implement important marketing deliveries with no extra work for restaurants.

Speed Food is a strong believer in promoting small restaurant businesses and new and upcoming restaurants all across multicultural Australia. This means that the list of cuisines on offer are endless to suit every taste including: Pizza, Halal, Vietnamese, European, Japanese, Indian, Vegan, Vegetarian, Dessert, and much more! If you would like to become a partner with us, please send us an email to or fill out the interest form at and one of our friendly team members will get back to you.

We encourage the restaurant to be aware of the basic functions of the Partner Backend/ Speed Food Patner App to receive and accept orders. As long as food ordering continues to evolve, Speed Food aims to take some of the burden off to help restaurants stand independently through its features.

Customers will input their postcode into the search engine and restaurants within the surrounding area will appear. Customers can then select the type of cuisine they desire to narrow down their restaurant search.

The SOP promotes restaurants on the Speed Food website and will charge restaurants a small commission fee per order received. The IOS provides restaurants with an independent website, as well as exposure on the Speed Food website, all SOP features as well as other features including a built in customer database to market to your customers. Speed Food charges a monthly fee which doesn’t include per order commissions to maintain your IOS website.

Speed Food will take care of payments for you. Customers who order through the Speed Food website/app will also be making payments there, even before you have started making the order!.

Speed Food does not provide food delivery couriers restaurants have to get their own drivers. Speed Food will soon launch driver model to help restaurants with deliveries.

Till Speed Food launch its own delivery couriers service restaurants have to handle their own deliveries

Speed Food commission ranges from 0% to 8%. Yes, that's right! Speed Food advertise your restaurant menu for FREE depending upon your sales on Speed Food platform. We have come up with ""No Commission Deal"" wherein we promote 10% discount coupon on your Speed Food listing and if customer avails the offer we dont charge you any commission.Now you might wondering how do we get No Commission Offer. It's very simple all you need to do is to promote a coupon code “Foodie? to your customers and ask them to order food from your restaurant through our Platform. Once the customers use the Foodie code the customers get 10% discount and the restaurants do not pay any commission to Speed Food for that order. That's a win-win situation for both the customers and the restaurants. If the customer decides not to use the voucher and place normal order, we will charge you only little amount of 8% to maintain the service.

Speed Food offers free promotional stickers (Foodie stickers) for restaurant to promote their restaurant. More questions? contact us on and a Speed Foood team member will be happy to answer them for you.

The revenue restaurants see from Speed Food varies according to city and customer demand – but our top restaurants make over $4200/month, which translates to over $50400/year!

If a customer order cannot be resolved we suggest to contact us on 1300 77 33 33 and follow the prompts. Alternatively, you can email with the details and we will do our best to resolve the difficulties you are experiencing.

We’re like a vault. We have all these fancy, high-tech security measures to keep your data safe, because it’s our highest priority (they wouldn’t let us have sharks with lasers but we got pretty close). You can read all about these measures in our privacy policy.