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How These 7 Burgers Would Make Your Day Blissful
Who doesn't like Burgers? Burgers for a fact are complete mood-setters. A great burger would mean that your day is going to go excellent. Having that bite of that delicious slice of the meet to top with some veggies and loads of cheese and combined with a great sauce, that is it! You feel entirely blissful and satisfied after pleasuring your stomach, and we at Speed Food take complete care of you and your hunger.

Here's a list of 7 tastic Burgers that you should TRY now
1. Crab-Tastic
Crab Tasty Burger
What sets this burger apart from others is that they batter the crab with beer and the crunch it gives out, absolutely mind-boggling. If you love crabs, you will def love this, and for someone who hasn't tried a crab burger yet, it is a must. Tartare sauce on a squid ink bun and to add flavour and freshness to it is coriander and diced tomato with pickled salsa. You can have it all at SpeedFood with just one click
2. Aomori Hot & Spicy Beef Burger 
Hot and spicy Burger
This burger is a perfect fit for all your Chilli lovers. It would awake all your taste buds and might set them on fire, haha! Tokyo Hookah and Taps Bar serves this smacking burger with has 100% minced beef patty (it is a delight) with their own flavoured special spicy sauce, jalapeno, adding some crunchiness with fresh lettuce and Tokyo Style tomato. Get, Set, Go and Grab this burger at SpeedFood
3. Hudson Valley Vegan Burger (GF)
Vegan Burger
Vegan's don't worry, we got you covered too. This Hudson Valley Vegan Burger at New York Minute serves a classic vegan burger that you wish you could eat all day. It would take you to Hudson Valley and make you feel relieved with every bite. This burger comes with fresh homemade vegan patties with beetroot, cos lettuce, tomato, red onion, and their special authentic chilli jam. It would add to your tanginess and complete your taste. Order Now at SpeedFood
4. Down Under 
Mad Burger
If you're mad for burgers, you've got to try this Down Under from Mad Burgers. It would give you a complete Aussie feeling. With perfectly grilled chicken, beetroot, lettuce, tomato, sweet chilli, mayonnaise, and aioli. It is a complete package of taste, and another recommendation from Mad Burgers is their own 'Hot Shots.' Fried Chicken and Crispy Beef with veggies, chipotle, and mayo and aioli. I am going crazy right now to get my hands on this crispy burger, why don't you try it too? Here
5. Tropical Bird 
American cheese burger
For all, you BOSS people out there, try Tropical Bird from Burger Boss, and just set yourself to another level. This burger is so heavy and so moist that 200g patty, crumbed skinless breast fillet will slide into your belly. With lettuce and tomato to go with pineapple and wait we got more meat for you, there's bacon too into it, served with chipotle sauce and American cheese. A small tip for you, order this empty stomach and treat yourself a loaded burger. You've just got a click on SpeedFood here 
6. Such a Classic 
Classic burger
#MoreThanJustAClassic. Hashtag Burgers and Waffles serves 'Such a Classic' to fulfil all your 'medium-rare' meat needs. Juicy, lean beef patty and guess what it is loaded with cheese to go with red onion, tomato, and lettuce and finally adding some pickled mayo on those buns. Is there anything else you wished to you had? I don't think so, maybe a drink, and then I am full till my throat. Grab this burger at Speed Food
7. Brewhouse Special
Brewhouse burger
Do we always wish our happiness could be doubled? Your needs are heard at the House of Burgers. Their Brewhouse Special is what you should put your hands-on like right now. Double beef patties, double bacon, double cheese, and if this isn't enough, they got BBQ sauce and veggies and mayo. Double the intent, double the fun. Can't wait to order! Meanwhile, why don't you try it out here

So, yeah, that's it! I gave 7tastic burgers to get yourself going. I so much struggled to write this as my mouth was filled with water and still is. I am ordering it right now and suggest you do it too via Speed Food.

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