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Tantalizing Thai Dishes You Wish You Knew Earlier
Thai food is so popular across the globe and we Aussies love Thai food too. What sets Thai cuisine, distinct from others, is that there is a complete balance of flavours. We Australians love Thai food because Thai cuisine uses herbs and spices that not only give flavour, fragrance, colour but also offer health benefits, such as lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, chilli, and ginger.

So, enough of said and done, Here are my top 7 Thai dishes which you should try. So, without further ado, let’s get it rolling.
1. Pla Lard Khing
Although it might get challenging to pronounce, your stomach knows how to speak it correctly. Fillet, crispy deep-fried fish, topped with minced pork to add more bite to the dish and ginger sauce to add spiciness. Like the fish is so crisp that you might feel licking your hands. I accidentally did it, haha but thank god; nobody saw me doing that and also, not to forget Pad Thai, its stir-fried thin rice noodles with tofu, egg, bean sprouts, peanuts, and meat. A great combination and tasty to the tongue and healthy to the body too. Order from SpeedFood and get it delivered right to your doorstep. Order now:
2. Gaeng Phed Ped Yang
Quack Quack! Yes, you guessed it right, its duck! Roasted duck to go with tomato, green beans, lychee, pineapple, capsicum, and rich Thai basil. The sweetness of the lychee, tanginess of the pineapple, a bit of spice from capsicum. A complete dish. Guess what; you don’t need any luck to order this from Luck Thai Restaurant, haha! Just your phone and SpeedFood and get it delivered quickly. Order now
3. Tom Yum Soup
If you’re not feeling like eating something heavy but still want your stomach full? This soup is for you! With thin rice noodles, assorted seafood, pineapples, and vegetables all in one healthy soup. Eat your seafood and sip your soup. Get your stomach happy, and feel satisfied. Tom Yum-my soup from Noodle Hut Moonee Ponds, and do check out other noodles too. Singapore fried noodles are also something you can try. Get it now from SpeedFood
4. Gang Dang Moo Yang
Is it just me, or you find these names cute too? Haha, Anyway, this delicious spicy Curry is awaiting your taste. With the rich and creaminess of coconut milk, pineapple's freshness to go with tomato and barbeque pork. Hurry…order this Curry!! It gives out so much flavour that you could eat it with your nose, but I guess we got hands and our mouth for that. Speed Food is for you curry lovers: Order NOW
5. Seafood Lover
Let me warn you that after reading this, your mouth is going to get super watery, so get yourself prepared for it. This fantastic deal at Coco Thai will get you full. You will be served with 1x prawn dumpling to go with a hot and sour Tom Yum prawn soup (this soup also has lime herb and veggies to balance the spiciness of the chillies), then a ginger fish (the strong taste of ginger is very appealing and complementing the fish), a Chu Che Prawn (sizzling prawn with veggies, basil, and coconut milk), large rice and 1.25L bottle soft drink. I guess you’re done for two days. Call your friends and order now from Speed Food
6. Chicken in Pandan
This dish looks so classic and creamy that you don’t feel like eating and just starring, so let me tell you more about it, it is marinated chicken fillets wrapped in pandan leaf, and it is so moist and soft. It is served with tamarind sauce, garlic, and pepper with sweet soy sauce. Everything just in one dish. Serve yourself here
7. Banana Dumpling with Coconut Icecream
Adding sweetness to banana in sticky rice with the black bean is the coconut ice cream. The coconut ice cream is so creamy to go with the solid banana. It's a great combination. At first, I was hesitant just like you might be while reading this, but then when I tried it, I realized that it is worth a try, and both of them complement each other well. You can order yourself here 

That it is! Just like Thai cuisine, I gave you my top recommendations and in the process of doing so, covered almost everything. Appetizer, soup, main course, Curry and to finish with a dessert. Enjoy reading; enjoy eating. Cheers!

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