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Top 7 Pizza’s You Must Try!
We AUSSIES love Pizza's, and you know the best part about having a pizza is you gotta have 'no reason' whatsoever to have a delicious slice of your desired Pizza. In 2019 alone, we Aussies ate more than 4 million pizzas! Sometimes when the choices are too much, you can get confused but wait, don't worry, we got it sorted for you!

Here is the list of 5 delicious Pizza's you should Try.
1. Spinach and FETA Pizza
If you're a veggie, then this Pizza is for you. The best part about Papalinos pizza is that it comes with homemade pizza sauce and homemade dough. Finished off with loads of spinach, feta, red onions, and sundried tomatoes, this Pizza is not short on flavour. Bring in this delicious Pizza right at your doorstep Now!! Order Now 
2. Queen Margherita Pizza
Did you know that Margherita is the most popular Pizza in Australia!! Euro Pizza's Queen Margherita has got it all for you. Fresh farm herbs to go with the tangy basil and garlic and buffalo mozzarella. This Pizza comes with a tomato base and to end up with delicious mozzarella cheese, got my mouth watery already. What are you waiting for? Order Now 
3. Ronaldo's Pizza House
Although Ronaldo is one of the greatest footballers in the world but yeah located in Rochdale Square, Lalor Victoria is Ronaldo's Pizza House serving delightful Pizza. This Pizza will make you crave for more and more. Tomatoes, mushrooms, capsicum, olives anchovies, and with ham and cheese isn't it more than enough to close your eyes and enjoy the fantastic flavour the vegetables with ham ooze out. I can't wait to hog, and I'm sure you want to have it too. Order Now at SpeedFood.
4. Hawaiian Pizza
Not just the name but this Pizza is exotic too. Elounge is known for its pizza servings, and the best part about this Hawaiian Pizza is that it has San Marzano sauce as its base and for all of you who don't know about the sauce, this sauce is also known as 'Italian gravy.' It is simmered for several hours to get that richness and the hearty taste. Fresh herbs, authentic Italian flavours, and the most enticing aroma. The Hawaiian Pizza has pineapple and ham toppings with mozzarella. Now some of you might not agree with pineapple on Pizza but once it goes in your mouth that time you realize the power of pineapple. Serve yourself this Pizza at SpeedFood Order Now 
5. Holy Smoke Pizza
Holy, O Moly!! Yes, this was my exact reaction when I tasted this Pizza, and I am pretty sure you're going to be amazed too after having this Pizza from Belvedere. Wait no, this is no vodka pub, but it's a pizza joint at Seaford Rd, Seaford Victoria. Coming to the Pizza, it has a BBQ sauce base topped with smoked chicken, mushrooms, Spanish onion, and ricotta cheese. I can hear my stomach going nuts already…..can't wait to order this heavenly Pizza from Speed food. Order Now 
6. Provolone and Salami (GFIA) Pizza
This Pizza is served at La Porchetta Werribee at 250 Healths Road, Hoppers Crossing. What makes this Pizza awesome is the richness of the Calabrian tomato sauce. Folks, this sauce is so tangy because it has garlic, Spanish onion, hot red chilli peppers, prosciutto, red crushed chilli pepper flakes, and the richness of tomato. Your taste buds will be on fire. Not just it, this Pizza then has mozzarella, Italian provolone cheese, and hot salami and finally topped with our very own oregano. Your tiring day can be set to fire after this, SpeedFood got you covered. Order Now 
7. Americana Pizza
Finally, coming towards the end of the list is our very own classic Americana Pizza from Pizza Deluxe. Served with led ham, pepperoni, and onion on a tomato base, this is one of the classic vibes which will give you chill vibes and set your mood. Don't wait for things to happen; you make it happen yourself. Order Now 

So yeah, these seven pizzas are a must-try and in case if you have tried any of them, mention in the comments box down below, and if you have any recommendations, feel free to suggest. Until then, keep hogging keep loving.

So yeah, these 7 pizzas are a must-try and in case if you have tried any of them, mention in the comments box down below, and if you have any recommendations, feel free to suggest. Until then, keep hogging keep loving.

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